Above: Quebec 2001 (photo by Lisa Fithian)

"Here you will find links to scores of archived pieces I have written on activism, including posts and communiques from the front lines. For more recent posts about politics, permaculture and the Occupy movement, among other things, visit my blog at www.starhawksblog.org."


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If you are interested in Starhawk's book Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising, visit this page.

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There are now German/Deutsch translations of many of Starhawk's activism pieces available online (page will open in a new browser window). And yes, we hope to get other language translations too, but for now German is the main one. One or two Spanish translations can be found below.

At left: "A photo I snapped in Brazil. It is first-hand experience of the effects of globalization on the third world that have made me an avid activist." --Starhawk

posts, articles, letters, and reports from the front lines

Palestine and Israel:

We now have a separate Israel/Palestine Page that includes all of Starhawk's writings on the subject, from spring 2002 to the present.

Oct. 2006:
  • "A Terrible Beauty - For Brad Will" At the time of Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is thin, Starhawk reflects on the tragic loss of this young activist, and the transformative effect death has on us all.

Katrina, New Orleans and the aftermath

  • Bioremediating New Orleans 4 - Doing It! -- Starhawk's final report describes the actual procedures for the soil cleansing, with information about a proposed plan for longterm restoration of the area.

  • Bioremediting New Orleans 3 - Miss Eva's House -- the front yard of a 95 year old resident is prepped for the remediating process.

  • A Valentine from New Orleans --  the first parade of the Mardi Gras season is contrasted with the ongoing struggles of residents who are attempting to rebuild their destroyed neighborhoods.

  • Bioremediating New Orleans - Round Two Begins --  Starhawk reports on her third trip to New Orleans and the ongoing efforts of many people to cleanse the environment naturally.

  • Bioremediation in New Orleans --  Starhawk's second trip to New Orleans included the cleansing of contaminated soil using natural methods, as well as other relief efforts.

  • The Gifts of Grief --  on the Friday before Halloween Starhawk examines grief, which can be a powerful force that can transform into compassion and action.

  • Who Will Take Out the Garbage? --  Starhawk's second New Orleans update exposes the government's lack of ability to help in the most basic of ways, and how an organized group of volunteers can make a huge difference.

  • Sunshine after Floodwater --  Starhawk's first New Orleans update describes the situation on the ground and the ongoing racial issues that hinder the rebuilding efforts.

  • Relief and Rebuilding after the Hurricanes --  Starhawk and many others have been in New Orleans to help with relief efforts. Included in this piece is the call to action from the Green Earth Cluster and links to essential relief websites.

  • A Pagan Response to Katrina -- the hurricane presents a dilemma: how do Pagans who worship Nature reconcile themselves with its destructive forces? Included is information on alternative organizations providing essential Katrina relief to those normally overlooked.

    Casualties of War: Camp Casey and New Orleans is about Starhawk's September visit to the anti-war camp at Crawford, TX on the eve of Hurricane Katrina's landfall.

G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland '05

pieces about the '04 Presidential Election


Republican National Convention actions Aug/Sep '04

  • Guantanamo on the Hudson - the second installment of Starhawk's account of the trip to jail when arrested at the RNC actions in New York.

  • Remember Me to Herald Square - the first installment of Starhawk's account of the Herald Square action and subsequent trip to jail.

  • Out of Jail -- Keep Support Coming - after being released from jail, Starhawk comments on the experience and asks for continuing support contacting the NYC Mayor and Police Commisioner's office.

  • An Incredible Day - the ninth update from the RNC actions in New York: Sunday's march was a huge success!

  • The Web - the eighth update from the RNC actions in New York: in advance of Sunday's big march, the Pagan Cluster has a powerful ritual in St. Mark's yard.

  • Bikes and Bones - the seventh update from the RNC actions in New York: police attack bicyclists during "critical mass" ride, includes contact information to let city officials know this cannot be tolerated.

  • A Great Beginning!! - the sixth update from the RNC actions in New York: the DNC to RNC march arrives in NYC!

  • Democracy Daunted - the fifth update from the RNC actions in New York: activists make plans after the permit is denied for the Central Park rally. Includes a schedule of street trainings through Aug. 31.

  • Action Bardo - the fourth update from the RNC actions in New York - includes a report on the “Are You an Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You.” panel that occurred on Aug. 23rd

  • War, Fear, and Life after Capitalism -- the third update from the RNC actions in New York.

  • Power and Anarchy -- the second update from the RNC actions in New York.

  • The First Update from the actions in New York before the Republican Convention!

  • Starhawk's New York Action Call includes information on how to support the protetsters.

  • At the Crossroads discusses the demonstrations at the Republican Convention, including a call to action and links for more info.

Reclaim the Commons mobilization June '04

Activism and Spirituality:

FTAA action in Miami, November '03

  • Miami: More Thoughts -- Two weeks after the Miami police riots, Starhawk analysizes the big picture: what was actually gained, the New American Fascism, the hope, and the risks.

  • Starhawk's Miami Journals: Daily updates from behind the scenes and by the barricades of the recent FTAAO mobilization in Miami, Florida. Included are links to calls and various related pieces.

  • In Gearing Up for the Miami FTAA Mobilization Starhawk provides updated info on the needs for donations for both the FTAA actions in Florida and the upcoming Earth Activist Training in January.

  • Written before the FTAA, Free Trade Area of the Americas action, in Miami -- November 17-21, followed by the School of the Americas protest in Fort Benning Georgia, November 22-23, Starhawk's From Cancun to the Miami FTAA Mobilization: Victory’s Strategic Momentum includes some essential inspiration and all the details.

WTO action in Cancun, September '03

  • Starhawk's Cancun Journals: Daily updates from behind the scenes and by the barricades of the recent WTO mobilization in Cancun, Mexico -- 20 entries in all!

  • In Why You Should Come to Cancun, Starhawk provides the necessary background information on the current plans of the WTO, and why this particular action is so critical at this time.


Sacramento, June '03

  • The Arrest of the Seed Balls-or What Universe Are We Living In? Starhawk reports the Sacramento police's discovery of "lethal weapons" made by guerrilla gardeners. Beneath it all are two conflicting perceptions of reality: the mechanistic model promoted by industrial agriculture, and the complex web of relationships seen by physicists and indigenous peoples alike. Which do *you* choose?

Organizing against the war in Iraq:

World Bank/IMF demos, Washington, DC:

  • Breaking the Evil Spell, a myth of a far-away place and time -- right here, right now. Written by Starhawk for the Washington DC actions. (Sept. 27, 02)
  • Linking the Bank and the War: Why go To Washington? Starhawk and many others were in Washington in late September, 2002, to take part in a people's summit and mass demonstrations. This essay discusses the connections between globalization, war, the IMF/World Bank, and the pervading atmosphere of fear in America. (August 26, 02)
  • Getting Our Tactics Right Thoughtful analysis and strategies for the street: Is "diversity of tactics" actually neither? What is strategic nonviolence? Lessons learned from the summer G8 protests in Calgary. (August 4, 02).

G8 Summit in Calgary, Canada (June, 2002):

  • The "Calgary Short Report" is a beautifully detailed account of the blending of magic and activism. In a city drenched with fear, the Pagan Cluster rises (and slithers and cavorts) to the occasion.
  • "Solstice in Calgary" The Summer Solstice is one of the Witches' holy days. What is it like to celebrate it during a G8 Summit mobilization? Powerful. This article tells how it was done and what it was like.
  • Although Starhawk wrote "A Strategic Moment" in May to help galvanize the impending G8 protests, it remains a timeless perspective on the need to balance local activism with global issues.

globalization, the movement, and the big picture:

after 9-11:

adventure at the Canadian border (Jan. 2002):

WEF protests, NYC (Jan-Feb. 2002):

more reports from the streets:

Genoa reports (July, 2001):

Quebec City reports (April 2001):

WTO articles -- Seattle, 1999:

classic Starhawk: some archived essays and tidbits

  • Why I Plan to Vote This November: Even when it seems like too much trouble and doesn't make any difference anyway, hauling your butt to the polls still counts. Here's why. (Oct. '98)
  • Notes from Bioregional Congress, Mexico  A short, lovely account of the conference and a spiral dance chanted in Spanish, excerpted from a posted letter of Starhawk's. (Nov. '96)

Starhawk writes about the Dec. '03 San Francisco Mayoral Election

  • Why I Voted for Matt: Starhawk examines what is at stake in the SF mayoral runoff election, and why she cast an absentee ballot for Matt Gonzalez before heading off to Australia.
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