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Palestinian family sits outside their ruined home.
(photo by Starhawk)

Latest writings:

  • March 24, '09: Starhawk was invited to write an op-ed piece for Al Arabiya about her friend Tristan, shot at a nonviolent protest in Palestine. We have a direct link to the piece at alarabiya.net -- check it out.

  • March 14, '09: Tristan Shot in the West Bank -- as Starhawk's friend clings to life in an Israeli hospital, she suggests that now is an excellent time to get involved and take action on behalf of the Palestinian cause.

  • December 30, '08: On Gaza -- As Israeli jets bombs Gaza, Starhawk clarifies the issues and proposes a radical solution: acknowlege Palestinians as people whose lives matter.

  • March 16 '08: Denied Entry -- Starhawk is turned back to the US at the Israeli border while on her way to Palestine for a permaculture workshop.

  • March 16 '07:  Four Years Ago - and Today -- On the fourth anniversary of Starhawk's trip to Palestine as an ISM activist, she urges everyone to get out and continue to protest against the ongoing wars in Iraq and elsewhere -- whether it feels like the thing to be doing or not.

  • February 21 '07:  To Be a True Friend of the Jewish People -- Starhawk is a panelist on the Washington Post/Newsweek religion blog On Faith. Each week they pose a question which the panelists are invited to answer. This question was on whether one can criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic. Starhawk's reply is included here.

  • December 6 '06:  Response to Ozick on Rachel Corrie -- Starhawk writes to the New Republic in response to a biased and inaccurate review by Cynthia Ozick of the play, "My Name is Rachel Corrie".

  • July '06:  While the Bombs Fell -- as Starhawk teaches permaculture, the bombing of Lebanon causes untold devastation. Starhawk discusses the futility of it all and calls for ongoing activism to make a difference.

  • May 23 '04: "Sharon's Shell Game in Rafah" in the wake of the major assault on Rafah, Starhawk examines the overall objective of the Sharon government and reminds us of the need for internationl condemnation of the so-called "security wall" and of the IDF assault in general.

  • May 20 '04: As you can imagine, the horrifying violence in Rafah has been deeply upsetting. Here is a short Op Ed piece: "Rafah's Human Face," and below that, a message from Gila Svirsky, Israeli peace activist, with numbers to call and email addresses to write. I urge you all who have been following my posts from the occupied territories to let your voices be heard now at this crucial moment.

Child rides bike in front of ruined homes.
(photo by Starhawk)

Palestine trip from spring 2004:

  • April 23 '04:"Last Update: The Israeli Activist Festival" -- Home in California, Starhawk writes of the Israeli Activist Festival, the denial of even well-meaning people, and the deteriorating situation in the West Bank.

  • April 9 '04:"Last Day on the West Bank" -- Starhawk tells of the intimate world of Palestinian women...and the terrible irrationality of continuing violence.

  • April 6 '04: "On the Quest for Raw Sewage" -- A vivid walk through the "holy land," finding that the new colonizers, Israeli settlers, treat it as far less than sacred.

  • April 5 '04: "Last Year in Mas'Ha" -- Notes and insights on the use, hopes, and limitations of nonviolence in Palestine.

  • April 4 '04: "Land Day in Beit Duqu" -- Palestinian villagers--with international and Israeli peace activists--protest the continued construction of the Wall.

  • March 30 '04: "Village and Settlements" -- While helping Palestinians farmers plow, Starhawk writes of Jewish settlements and how future historians might see them.

  • March 30 '04: "Beit Leqiya" -- Palestinians demonstrate against the Wall in their village, then life returns to "normal" for a night.

  • March 25 '04: The stubborn cycles continues as Starhawk analyzes Sheikh Yassin's assassination, and tells of her friend Neta's delivery: "Death and Birth in the Occupied Territories"

  • March 22 '04: "Day of the Assassination" -- On the West Bank teaching international peace volunteers, word comes of the murder of Sheikh Yassin, Hamas leader. Starhawk observes the ecology of repression as a bad situation gets worse.

  • March 20 '04: "The Value of Land" -- How can peaceful Palestinian protesters gain the power and legitimacy that Ghandi and King achieved, if everyone ignores them?

  • March 18 '04: "Demonstration At the Wall" -- Palestinian villagers (with Starhawk, and ISM volunteers) protest The Wall being built, that separates them from their fields of olives and figs, the land's mosaic of ancient permacultural wisdom.

  • March 16 '04: "Standing at the Gates of Jerusalem" -- a colorful evocation of Old Jerusalem and the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as Starhawk travels to the home of her friend Neta, an Israeli peace activist.

  • March 10 '04: "The Price of an Orange" -- on the anniversary of the murders of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurdnall in Palestine, Starhawk remembers her visit with the inhabitants of Rafah, and of their continuing struggle to maintain the old way of life in the face of constant attacks by the Israelis.

Archived writings concerning Palestine and Israel:

  • June 6 '03: In "Who is the ISM?" Starhawk writes about the International Solidarity Movement and their essential role in the ongoing monitoring of the situation in Palestine.

  • May 6 '03: In the piece "Next year in MasíHa" Starhawk writes about spending Passover in this Palestinian town on the edge of the newly constructed "security wall" -- a must read!

  • April 12 '03: In "More Blood in Rafah" Starhawk reports on the shooting of peace activist Tom Hudnall, and examines this tragedy in the context of the ongoing marginalization of the Palestinian people.

  • April 7 '03: Just posted: "Loving the Jewish Community Means Supporting Justice." Starhawk's 2002 essay for Tikkun, an internationally recognized magazine of Jewish culture, spirituality, and politics. She discusses the dilemmas and strategies of Jewish peace activism, and contrasts Jewish culture's innate values of justice with the current policies of the Israeli government.

  • March 29 '03: Starhawk recorded an interesting interview with Vancouver (Canada) Cooperative Radio, about her work and experiences in Palestine. It can be heard at www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=6704.

  • March 26 '03: "A Bone From Rafah" -- writing from Rafah, Palestine, Starhawk writes on the ongoing struggle of the Palestinians in the wake of Rachel Corrie's death and in the shadow of an ongoing war in Iraq.

  • March 19 '03: In "Nablus on the Eve of War", Starhawk writes about being in Palestine on the verge of the US war on Iraq.

  • March 16 '03: young American peace activist Rachel Corrie was deliberately crushed to death by an Israeli soldier in Gaza on this day. Writing from Palestine, Starhawk tells of this event with a call to respond.

  • August 1 '02: "The
    Battle of the Coffeepot"
    Writing in July from the occupied Palestinian town of Jenin, Starhawk considers ordinariness in painfully extraordinary circumstances. After the bulldozers and F16s, there remains the stubborn rituals of life.

  • August 3 '02:  "Targeting the Innocent". From the front lines of the West Bank, Starhawk notes the context of the ongoing occupation and terror. Both sides are responsible for horrible killings and destruction. Both must stop targeting the innocent. How did it happen that the Palestinian move to do so was short-circuited?

  • June 12 '02: "The Boy Who Kissed the Soldier" Starhawk and her fellow ISM peace volunteers witnessed some astonishingly trusting, and some brutal, events while staying with a Palestinian family of women and children (the men had all been detained). What becomes "normal" under occupation?

  • April 28 '02: "Heresies in Pursuit of Peace: Thoughts on Israel/Palestine" Starhawk's insightful analysis of the current conflict in the Middle East considers true justice and the heart-wrenching dilemma of progressive Jews. "To Orthodox Jews, I'm a heretic, which gives me a certain freedom to say what I think.... But I am still a Jew, and the view from the edge can sometimes be clearer than that from the center."

  • Summer '02: "Speechless in Jenin": "This is a post from an old friend of mine who is in Israel/Palestine as a nonviolent peace witness. She is a longtime peace activist, nonviolence trainer, and someone I trust absolutely."

June 5 '03 Day of Action for Justice in Palestine:

Three archived reports from Starhawk's 2002 visit:

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