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On this page you'll find resources for nonviolent direct action and anti-oppression trainers/preparers and magical activism workshop facilitators. You'll find web resources, sample agendas, exercises, wall charts, handouts, and notes on how trainings went.

Organizing and Training sites: two sites that are invaluable in providing information on activism training and organizing.


Sample Agendas:

  • Short Agendas:
Nonviolent Direct Action Training Agenda (WTO/A16)
Philadelphia Action Basic
3-hr. Vandenberg Prep
Prague Brainstorm
Prague Sample Agenda
  • Long Agendas:
Prague Mass Actions Training Plan
Training/Training for Trainers

Magical Activism:

Magical Activism Ideas
Magical Activism Agenda

Legal Trainings -- from Midnight Special Law Collective
Legal Observor Workshop


What can Direct Action do? -- How Nonviolence Works in Direct Action Campaigns
Making Nonviolence Work - by Starhawk

Consensus Resources:

Consensus Process / Tools
Consensus is not Unanimity

Affinity Groups (from the Melbourne S11 Trainings)


Stages of a Movement/Strategy Questions (George Lakey)
Mass Direct Action by George Lakey


Tear Gas/Pepper Spray and Medical info(from Prague)
Trauma Overview -- Symptoms and Healing

Grounding and Centering
Some resources for roleplaying

Anti-Oppression Exercises:

Class and Race Exercise
White Protestors/Black cops
Tools for White Guys
Benefits of Being Male
Benefits of Being White

Jail, etc.

Organizing in Jail
Jail Support

Solidarity and Jail

Solidarity -- a Rough Guide

Surviving Jail

Coming Out of Jail Stronger (coming Out of Jail 2)
Trauma Overview

Safety in trainings--discussion
Sample Feedback Form for A16 trainees

198 Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion

Wallcharts used for Prague 2000/ mass action training

The above chart includes:

What Can Direct Action Do?
Nonviolent Direct Action
Used Against Us:
Responding to Violence
Jail Solidarity
Tools we used: (for Training for trainers)
Constructive Critique
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