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A cautionary incitement from one of the world's better-known authors:
"Support your local independent bookstore. Independent bookstores are an endangered species. I don't know a single one that isn't struggling to survive against the triple whammy of the Barnes and Noble conglomerates, the Costco/Walmart chains, and the Internet bookstores. If you want to assure that in the future we'll have access to books that Walmart doesn't want to discount, books that serve smaller, more specialized markets than B&N wants to deal with, and that can be sold to you by a real, live human being, support the independents now before it's too late."
-- Starhawk, Dec. '98

News and Notes

Starhawk is a prolific, award-winning author... but you knew that. Here's some of the latest.

The Fifth Sacred Thing movie project is underway! Keep up with all the latest developments at, including new writings not available elsewhere. Please "like" the project at The Fifth Sacred Thing film Facebook page.

NEW book: The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, from New Society Publishers. Visit The Empowerment Manual page.

Her first picture book for children, The Last Wild Witch won the Silver Nautilus Award for 2010!

For Audio titles—including her 2-CD set Earth Magic—as well as audio and video interviews, visit the Audio-Video page.

Starhawk's own blog, Dirt Worship, is at

Starhawk is a panelist for the On Faith blog, run by Newsweek and the Washington Post. She will respond to questions posed and participate in interfaith dialogue.

Starhawk is blogging for the Utne Reader. In 1995 she was named an Utne Visionary, one of the "people who are changing the world."

Access for All:
Starhawk's books in Braille can be downloaded free for blind readers. Please visit the web site for more information. (This link will take you to the search function; type in "Starhawk.") Most of her titles are now available.

Here's a video of an American Sign Language translation of a Starhawk post about Summer Solstice, 2012, at Deaf Pagans Crossroads.

Archived Posts:
For her archived posts, articles, and communiques from the front lines, visit her own Activism Writings Page.

Starhawk's classic essays are in most back issues of The Reclaiming Quarterly, which is in process of coming online. See

The Spiral Dance (click on the image for more information) Dreaming the Dark (click on the image for more information)
Truth or Dare (click on the image for more information) The Twelve Wild Swans (click on the image for more information)
The Fifth Sacred Thing (click on the image for more information) Walking to Mercury (click on the image for more information)
The Pagan Book of Living and Dying by Starhawk and M. Macha Nightmare.
(Click on the image for more information)
Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions -- by Starhawk, Diane Baker and Anne Hill. (Click on the image for more information)

The Earth Path
by Starhawk.
(Click on the image for more information)

  Webs of Power by Starhawk
(Click on the image for more information)


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